Top Ten Power Banks in India Under Rs 1499

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Top Ten Power Banks

Top Ten Budget Power Banks

Power Banks have become an essential gadget to keep your smartphone powered up throughout the day. Planning a long weekend trip? Or maybe having a long work day at the office? Be sure to carry your power bank as it can definitely get you out of a tight pinch.That being said one should choose wisely when buying a power bank, one must be aware of important factors like it total power capacity, affordability, portability, Number of ports available for charging, Output Voltage of the charging, ports(this determines your charging speed!)etc.

Shopping Online For  Power Banks

There is a wide range of power banks available on Popular online portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc so much so that we are left spoilt for choice. However be sure to consider important aspects like durability (is it sturdy enough) portability( again make sure the device is thin and light enough to be easily carried around), has good battery charging capacity etc.Below we have listed some of the best-selling top quality power banks available online under Rs 1499 based on extensive research and public opinion.

1.Ambrane Plush PP-41 4400 mAh Polymer Powerbank

Ambrane is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying good quality power banks at affordable rates.Their latest offering PP-41 is both sleek in design and packs a punch in terms of the sheer number of safety features installed in it and battery charging capacity.Weighing Only 168gm, this device is pocket-friendly and you can easily carry it around anywhere with ease.It also has a host of other safety features which are not usually available in other devices like temperature resistance, input, and output overvoltage protection, reset mechanism, protection against incorrect insertion, short circuit protection etc. Apart from this, the  4400 mAh Li-polymer battery has a long life of more than 500 charging cycles!Another cool feature is the built-in charging wire which means that one doesn’t have to carry around extra USB wire while traveling.PP-41 is available on Amazon at discounted price of just Rs 639( As of July 2017).

2.Micromax 10400mAh  Power Bank ( BLACK)

Micromax has a sleek design and its black curvaceous body is quite attractive to look at.An Indian product,  powered by LG Chem with a total capacity of 10400 mAh. Features a dual output USB with two charging voltages (5V/1A and 5V/2.1A).Other features include Power Led indicator and USB cable for charging.It can easily charge a 3000 mAh device like Lenovo Note three times.A small flashlight is also available which can come in handy during emergency situations.Get this now at Rs 1140 only at Amazon

3.Romoss PH50 -221-01 10400 mAh power bank


Romoss PH50 is a high capacity power bank with a really long battery life. Made of Grade A quality Li-Ion cells, this power bank boasts of a life cycle of more than 500 charging cycles!This is one of the few devices out there that allows you to charge your phone at the same time as it is being charged. Dual USB ports of 5V/2.1A and 5V /1.5A ensures fast charging of two devices at once. Seven kinds of inbuilt safety features like input over voltage protection, output over voltage protection, short circuit protection, high-temperature resistance etc keep your phone safe from harm.Overall compact design, with the slim glossy exterior, makes it easy to hold in your palm and carry around. Weighing at around 290 gms, the device seems to be a bit on the heavier side but that’s okay as you get a huge capacity of 10400mAh. Available online at at just Rs 995.

4.Intex it-pb12.5k 12500 mAh Li-Ion Power Bank

Intex-it-PB12-5k 12500 mAh power Bank

Intex it-pb12.5k Power Bank is one of the best selling products on Snapdeal. Weighing only 290gms, this device features a Li-Ion battery having a huge capacity of 12500mAh.Enough to charge your phone battery four times!Another great feature is the availability of three USB ports which can be used for charging three devices at the same time. Of the three ports, two ports are of 5V/2.1A which can be used for fast charging and one is 5v/1V which can be used for normal charging mode.  A flashlight is provided to be used in case of emergencies.It comes with a short USB cable which can be used to connect to your smartphone.There are also four led indicators which shows how much charge is remaining.Buy it now at just Rs 1029.

5.Lenovo Power Bank Pb410 5000mAh Silver


If you are looking for a good brand, sleek design, and light weight power bank, the Pb410 5000mAh Silver is the perfect travel companion.Dual charging ports let you charge two devices at once.One port has an output of 2A which ensures fast charging of your devices.The stylish and ergonomic design makes it very easy to carry around.You can even put it in your pocket along with your smartphone.5000 mAh power is enough to charge your device at least twice easily.Buy at best price only at

6.Ambrane 13000mAh Power Bank


Ambrane 13000mAh is by far one of the best selling power banks out there.Dual USB port of 2.1 A and 1A each can charge up to two devices at once.Weighing only 250 grams, this is rather a lightweight device compared other devices with a similar power capacity. 13000 mAh battery is one of the best power capacity available at this price range.Easily recharge your smartphone at least four times.A powerful flashlight is also provided for low lighting conditions.There is a led indicator which indicates the charge level. The device also includes a small USB  wire which can be used for charging.Ambrane provides a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

7.Tukzer STYLLO-S Power Bank


Tukzer Styllo-S power bank is an ideal traveling companion that is both fashionable and power efficient.It can easily fit in your pocket, purse or travel bag.At only 100 grams, this is an extremely light weight device.Another cool feature is the built in Micro USB connector which makes it hassle free as we don’t have to carry an extra USB cable for charging our smartphone wherever we go.The device features dual USB ports of 1A each which can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.Now available online at Rs 599 only at Flipkart.

8.Mi PLM02ZM 10000 mAh Power Bank 

MI powerbank

This is the latest version of the ever popular MI series power bank and it packs quite a punch when it comes to overall battery performance and durability.A 10000 mAh capacity power bank, this can easily charge your phone at least three times.An output capacity of 5V/2.4A ensures that your devices charge super quick.This is one of the few power banks out there which charges your phone in the shortest possible time.The power supply of 5V/2A ensures that you can fully charge the power bank in a little under seven hours.Mi PLM02ZM is now available online at Flipkart for just Rs 1,199( As of July 2017)

9.Lenovo PA 10400 10400 mAh Power Bank

lenovo powerbank PA 10400

The Lenovo PA 10400 is one most sold and highly rated power banks available on Flipkart with over 45,000 customers have already rated this product.Available at just Rs 999, Lenovo PA 10400  Lithium ion power bank is a high quality and high-performance device from one the best brands dealing in Mobile phones and accessories.It has Dual USB ports of 2.1A each which can quickly charge two devices simultaneously.The LG Lithium-ion battery has a long battery life of 500 life cycles which ensures that your device will last for a long time to come.At 240 grams, this device is can be easily carried around in your back pack where ever you travel.

10.CallOne 30000 mAh Turbo Power Bank with 3 USB Ports (Black)

CallOne Turbo Power bank is a compact and heavy duty device with a huge charging capacity of 30000 mAh! Now you don’t have to worry about charging your power bank at regular intervals again and again.Simply charge once and it can easily charge your mobile phones at least six times!An ideal travel companion on all those long trekking trips where a power bank with a huge capacity is a must!Three USB ports are provided thus you can charge three devices simultaneously!Also, each port has an output between 2.1A and 2.4A thus ensuring fast charging of your devices. Available in two stunning colors (Black or white), this product is currently available at a discounted rate of Rs 1199 at Infibeam.

That’s it Guys!These are some of the best Power Banks available online in India at affordable rates and premium quality. If you come across any other power banks with similar or better quality, feel free to post your comments in the section below.If you liked this Review please do like and share it on your favourite social network.


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